Icons – ArteFiera 2017


“Icons” my new installation of graffiti glass has been presented at ArteFiera 2017 at L’Ariete artecontemporanea stand.

The installation is formed by a variable number of oval graffiti glasses measuring 40×30 cm. For this occasion we have selected fifteen graffiti glass positioned on three rows of five graffiti glass.

The installation is composed of three levels, in the upper and the lower ones the lines of the graffiti glass are smoother and lighter in order to create a contrast with the central row in which the lines are thicker and more white. The upper and the lower rows are composed by icons taken from the renaissance art period, instead the icons in the central row are taken from the catholic tradition. These graffiti glasses are new icons representing the contemporary cultural status in which we live in. In this actual status, our cultural heritage is mixed by other cultural, religious and human influences and the result is a new contemporary series of icons.