Exempli Gratia


lemeh42_exempli_gratia_still_animazione lemeh42_exempli_gratia_still_animazione lemeh42_exempli_gratia_still_animazione

Title: Exempli gratia
Duration: 2′ approx
Year: 2014
Music: Marco Scattolini
Technique: handmade drawings made by India ink

Synopsis: This video is an animation created with 2000 handmade drawings. In this work the theme of color has been inverted, black becomes white and the background is the trait that tells this short but intense story. Exampli gratia wants to be a tribute to one of Lemeh42’s favorite artists Francis Bacon, an artist who, though different in technique and medium used, has profoundly influenced Lemeh42 as an artist and as a man.

The work of art, argues Lemeh42, shows much of what it offers to the surface, is up to us to find and decipher it. Starting from these reflections and from this example that returns boldly across this animation, Lemeh42 takes us into his world, in his studio where everything an artist creates, thinks and does is art, as claimed by Bruce Nauman and everything must be hired as an example of grace, a temporary and sudden manifestation of the divine, acting by the artist’s hands to the point that the artist may find himself extraneous in front of what s/he has created.