Drawing Renaissance

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Drawing Renaissance

presented at Remomero Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

21st January 2016 – 13th February 2016

 A series of 23 drawings charcoal on canvas taking inspiration from the masters of the Italian Renaissance such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Pontormo, realised by the Italian artist Lemeh 42 winner of the Arteam Cup 2015 of Venice will be presented in Beirut. The exhibition “Drawing Renaissance”, organized by “remomero Italian authors in beirut” in collaboration with “L’Ariete artecontemporanea” gallery in Bologna, will be launched at remomero gallery in the presence of the artist on January 21. “Drawing Renaissance” as an almost necessary tribute to drawing, to its history deeply connected with the history of Italian art as well as the rest of the world. Renaissance drawing are the genesis of masterpieces that were first sketched and finally painted. Paintings that represent the culmination of a painting technique but at the same time obscure the splendor of certain drawings, with rare features that make them very fresh and at the same time precious and unexpected. “Drawing renaissance” as a necessary revival of drawing, its rebirth strongly supported by Lemeh42 that with these drawings is paying tribute to the Italian masters and at the same time wants to shake the minds as well as the arms and the hands of contemporary artists to call them to a deep reflection on the work of contemporary art and specifically of contemporary drawing. Contemporary drawing has been spoiled and softened by its use as illustration to accompany written words, or has become fast and sensational into comic strips. This series of drawings does not want to provoke anyone, of course not. These drawings are the result of a thirty years long reflection, a personal reflection which brought an artist to develop a deep, new and ancient as the same time, conception of the medium called drawing. In addition to the double meaning inside the title, Lemeh42 works within the work moving on two different conceptual levels. Regarding the making of the drawings, Lemeh42 is using the medium of drawing in a peculiar and very personal way. This approach is necessary because only in this way the medium can be bent to the artist’s will and not vice versa. Lemeh42 brings this medium to its maximum extension of meaning to cause his own annihilation, like a phoenix that in order to show its splendor should become ash, burning in its own fire to offer the spectacle of its own fulfillment, which is both birth and death, affirmation and negation. The drawings in this series are the result of a long process of addition and subtraction of matter, charcoal pencil strokes that overlap each other and cancellation of the same traits as a vain attempt to remove them. The final result for the artist is balanced on a fine line that shows us at the same time the instability of the creative process and the stability of the final result, the one that should appeal and the other that should instead remain hidden from our tired eyes, not unaccustomed anymore to the primordial chaos of creation. From the point of view instead of the graphic composition of the image, Lemeh42 is fully appropriating the drawing/sketch made by the Renaissance artist, creating a completely new work. The sketches, because of they are sketches, are the result of second thoughts and attempts, which are superimposed over time by the artists who have carried them out. In these sketches we find all the complexity and voracity of those creative minds because they contain particular studies of famous paintings, annotations, figure studies, movement studies and even architectural studies. One of the reasons is also the fact that paper at that time was very rare and expensive. All these final sketches, of course, have been created in complete unawareness. Lemeh42 by redrawing these sketches, is recreating them consciously, giving life to an artistic and temporal paradox that in electing these sketches to works of art unleashes their hidden potential and makes them incredibly contemporary.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on January 21 from 7.30 till 10.00 pm and will run till February 13, 2016. Remomero gallery opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am till 7 pm.

Location: Arminia street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut (facing the Electricity building, at the end of the stairs to go to Port View Hotel)

For more information: info@remomero.com

Tel. +961 76908250