Devenir Femme


lemeh42_devenir_femme lemeh42_devenir_femme lemeh42_devenir_femme

Title: Devenir Femme
Lenght: 3’ 55’’
Music: Marco Scattolini
Year: 2014

Synopsis: The construction of the thinking subject cannot be separated from that of the desiring subject: affectivity and intellectuality grow together to make difficult the separation of reason and imagination. The desire is the first step in the process of constitution of the self. What makes possible the whole procedure is the desire to know, the desire to speak, to think, to represent. Identity / Difference are not two sides of the same coin, but two ways to be immeasurable and extremely specific. The subject is a process, which entails constant movement and negotiations between different levels of power and desire constantly moving between conscious choice and unconscious drives.