Drawing Renaissance, personal exhibition at L’Ariete artecontemporanea, Bologna

Drawing Renaissance

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The exhibition

showcases a project designed for the spaces of the Gallery by Lemeh42, an artist appreciated among the younger generation of italian artists, author of videoanimation, graffiti on glass, wall drawings that have received reports and awards in many international contexts.

Drawing Renaissance

is the title of an installation of twenty works in mixed media on canvas, as the artist writes, are a necessary tribute to drawing and its history deeply rooted in the Italian and international art history. A reflection on the Renaissance drawing and on the renaissance of drawing expression that has to be considered as a foundament both of the historical artistic creation and of the contemporary expressions of art, such as graffiti and video art that find in William Kentridge one of the greatest examples of extraordinary union of art and poetry. In this new body of works ‘Drawing Renaissance’, the author has reflected on the specific of the contemporary drawing, working on drawings inspired by Renaissance works through erasures, signs and graffiti matrix interventions that become frames of the contemporary visual imaginary. A long work of addition and subtraction of matter, characterised by charcoal traits overlapping each other and cancellation of the same traits, looking for a balance between the instability of the creative process and the completeness of the figurative image.


born in 1978 in Italy, in 2000 approached photography while living in London, in 2003 he graduated in Italy with a thesis on the poetry of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas presenting a video work made with photographs. In the same year he won the prize for the best photographic portfolio at Savignano Immagine that allowed him the following year to participate at the Tuscany Photograhic Workshop with Michael Ackerman. In 2006 thanks to the work “I know you are but what am I” he was invited to Paris by Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes at Nuit Européenne pour la Jeune Creation. Also in 2006 he was invited by Marisa Vescovo to Serrone International Biennale of emerging artists in Monza. In later years his video works have been selected and awarded in numerous international video art festival (The 809 International New Image Art Festival, China’s Yichang City, 08 FILE Sao Paulo Brazil, New Media Art Biennale, Madeira Portugal). In 2009 he won the Iceberg prize in Bologna and represented Italy at the European Biennial of Young Artists in Skopje, Macedonia. From the same year the L’Ariete artecontemporanea became his representative gallery. In 2015 he held at L’Ariete Gallery the exhibition ‘2004 | 2014 video animations and scratched glasses’ with a monographic catalog edited by Eleonora Frattarolo in which retraces ten years of media research, as part of the international project “Macrocosmi, Ordnungen Anderer Art Bologna Berlin’.

In mostra

un progetto ideato per gli spazi della Galleria da LEMEH42, artista apprezzato nel panorama delle giovani generazioni, autore di videoanimazioni, graffiti su vetro, wall drawings che hanno ricevuto segnalazioni e premi in numerosi contesti internazionali.

Drawing Renaissance

è il titolo di una installazione di venti opere a tecnica mista su tela che, come scrive l’artista, sono un omaggio necessario al disegno e alla sua storia profondamente legata alla storia dell’arte italiana e internazionale. Una riflessione su disegno rinascimentale e rinascimento del disegno, espressione che ha costituito la nervatura di tanta parte della genesi artistica fino alle espressioni contemporanee del graffitismo e alla videoarte che trova nelle declinazioni di William Kentridge esempi di straordinaria sintesi fra tecnica e poetica. In ‘Drawing Renaissance’ l’autore riflette sullo specifico del disegno contemporaneo, lavorando su disegni ispirati a opere rinascimentali che attraverso cancellature, segni, interventi di matrice graffitista diventano frames dell’immaginario visivo contemporaneo. Un lungo lavoro di addizione e sottrazione di materia, tratti di matita a carboncino che si sovrappongono e cancellazione degli stessi tratti, alla ricerca di un equilibrio fra instabilità del processo creativo e compiutezza dell’immagine.